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Mirror Maze (DVD)

Mirror Maze (DVD)

Mirror Maze (DVD) -

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Hb Films Mirror Maze [DVD] Hb Films Mirror Maze [DVD]

Director : Guillermo Groizard - MPAA Rating : Suitable for 15 years and over

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Pegasus Entertainment Mirror Images [DVD] Pegasus Entertainment Mirror Images [DVD]

Actor : Julie Strain/ Nels Van Patten/ Delia Sheppard - Director : Alexander Gregory Hippolyte - MPAA Rating : Suitable for 18 years and over

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101 Films Maze [DVD] 101 Films Maze [DVD]

Actor : Shalaina Castle - Director : Stephen Shimek - MPAA Rating : Suitable for 18 years and over

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20th Century Fox The Maze Runner [DVD] 20th Century Fox The Maze Runner [DVD]

Actor : Dylan O'Brien/ Thomas Brodie-Sangster/ Kaya Scodelario/ Will Poulter/ Ki Hong Lee - Director : Wes Ball - MPAA Rating : Suitable for 12 years and over

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Optimum Releasing Nine Queens [VHS] [2002] Optimum Releasing Nine Queens [VHS] [2002]

If David Mamet had been born in Buenos Aires instead of Chicago, Nine Queens is most likely the kind of movie he'd be making. An intricate, playful scam caper, where not only the characters but we the audience are constantly trying to suss out who's screwing whom--and how, and why--it's a movie very much in the Mametian mould. But at the same time the Argentinian setting gives Fabian Bielinsky's debut feature a specifically Latin pungency and the urgent sense of a society teetering over a financial abyss. Which is all the more remarkable since, even though a key plot-point turns on a bank going bust, the movie was made a few months before the Argentinean economy went belly-up. The intrigue grips from the very outset as Juan, a young con artist, overreaches himself in a grocery store. He's rescued from disaster by Marcos, an older and more experienced grifter, who then takes him on in a master-pupil relationship. When the chance of a major coup involving some rare stamps (the Queens of the title) turns up, the partnership starts coming under strain; can either one really trust the other? And is either who he pretends to be? The plot suffers from a few implausibilities and loose ends, but sustains its momentum beguilingly. Ricardo Darín, as the saturnine Marcos, and Gastón Pauls as the fresh-faced, seemingly ingenuous Juan play off each other beautifully--but the dominant character is the seething, hustling city of Buenos Aires itself, where social mores are fluid and uncertain, and everybody has his eye out for the main chance. This is a society Bielinsky (who also scripted) clearly knows intimately, and like a true con-artist he makes shrewd use of his expertise to keep us guessing right up to the final twist. ?-Philip Kemp

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£19.99 Amazon (Movies, Music & Games)
Cinema Club Richard III [VHS] Cinema Club Richard III [VHS]

The third and final entry in Laurence Olivier's Shakespeare triptych, Richard III is an audacious portrait of a man determined to prove himself a villain. A pure master of the political stage, Richard deploys a barrage of odious, unscrupulous traps in an attempt to exercise complete control over his rivals. As the personification of evil impudence, Olivier portrays the Duke of Gloucester with such aplomb that he even lures the audience on to his side. This is true even as Richard engineers plots to murder his brother Clarence (John Gielgud), betray his cousin Buckingham (Ralph Richardson) and seduce his niece Lady Anne (Claire Bloom). From the play's famous opening lines ("Now is the winter of our discontent"), Olivier delivers every speech with truly Machiavellian splendour. As usual, his voice is a force of nature--a full-bodied coloratura at one moment, an earthy baritone cello a few beats later. As a director, Olivier fully realises but underplays the corners of the script that most directors would hinge their dramatisation on. But he can also play it large: Olivier's superb staging of the climactic battle rivals his work on Henry V. Though Richard is finally brought down by the whispered curses of Queen Margaret, the audience exits feeling that the journey has been both entertaining and complete. Regrettably, this would be Olivier's last Shakespeare film, as a planned adaptation of Macbeth was abandoned for financial reasons. Olivier justly received an Oscar nomination for his performance; and believe it or not, this film was the inspiration for the original Blackadder! --Kevin Mulhall

Amazon (Movies, Music & Games) Merchant Info Shipping: £1.99, Delivery time: 3 days
£12.99 Amazon (Movies, Music & Games)
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