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Progallio Universal for in Nappa Leather, Grey Camera with 8 GB SD Memory Card Progallio Universal for in Nappa Leather, Grey Camera with 8 GB SD Memory Card

High-quality camera bag, camera case from finest nappa leather, with identical to BMW Leather Seat, very robust. Front pocket for accessories, extra pockets for small parts VG-150 VG-160 VR-330 VR-325 SZ-20 FE-4050 Panasonic Lumix LF-1 FS45 FS28 FS40 FS50 XS1 FX66 FT2 ZX3 FX80 SZ3 SZ5 SZ7 SZ9 FT20 Pentax Optio LS465 Samsung WB30F ST150 F DV150 F DV300 ST66 ST72 ST77 ST88 ST200 Sony DSC-TX30 WX80 WX100 WX200 W730 W710 W690 W630 W610 TX20 Sony Cybershot RX100 HX20V HX10V HX9V HX5V HX7V H90 H70 H55 DSC Belt loop, made with high-Quality Metal Carabiners included Carrying Strap Olympus Stylus VH-520 VH-410 VH-210 XZ-10 TG-630 TG-620 VG-110 Dimensions approx interior pockets: 95 x 65 x 30 mm - for Nikon Coolpix S6600 S6500 S6400 S6200 S6100 S5200 S4300 S3500 S2700 S2600 P330 P310 L25 L26 L27 AW120 S31 S32 S9100 S8200 S8000 S8100 P300 P310 P340 Fujifilm XQ1 T500 JX500 JX700 JZ100 FinePix Casio Exilim EX-N50 EX-N5 EX-N10 EX-N20 EX-ZS30 R300 Z690 Z28 ZS12 Q-CR200 Q-VR300 ZS12 ZS30 Z28 S690 EX-ZR400 Canon PowerShot N S100 S110 SX240 A2600 A3200 A3300 A2500 A3500 A1400 A2300 A2200 IXUS Serie 1 500 255 135 132 230 1100 1000 310 300 220 210 115 130 140 125 510 A3400 A4000

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