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Pure One Elite Series II Pure One Elite Series II

Pure One Elite Series II - Radiorecorder - Digital Audio Broadcast (DAB): DAB/DAB+/DMB

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Createspace Ernest Emerson - The Seven Strategies of Hand to Hand Combat: Surviving in the Arena of Life and Death Createspace Ernest Emerson - The Seven Strategies of Hand to Hand Combat: Surviving in the Arena of Life and Death

This is not a book about techniques. Black Belt Hall of Famer and Tier One tactical instructor, Ernest Emerson opens the doors to the previously hidden Strategies, Tactics, and Mentality of the world's deadliest warriors, giving you the tools to upgrade your training in any system, into a truly effective program of combat ready skills. Emerson's genius is in being able to break down human conflict (combat) into its most basic component parts and then explain them in terms that make perfect sense. Then in turn, he gives you the ability to train and supercharge those components individually so that when they are reassembled the result is an Abrams tank powered by jet engines. But, if you're looking for a book on how to block a punch, you won't find it here. This is about giving you the means to create a supercharged capability to take what you already know to the elite level, ready for actual combat. The difference between tier one operators and the rest of us is not that they know more techniques or possess secret skills. They know the same things as we do. They just know how to do them much better. Emerson takes you into his classroom to teach you the real secrets, the forbidden knowledge of the warrior elite, America's Special Operations and Black Ops Units. The problem with training for real-world hand-to-hand combat skills is that almost all martial arts are over 200 years removed from actual combat and have been softened up or "sporterized" to be palatable to the general public. The difference between conventional training and combatives training is defined by two simple words; intent and intensity. Each needs the other to be maximally effective and conventional martial arts lack both. Without truly knowing if something will actually work in live combat, how can an instructor teach combat skills to someone whose life may depend on those skills? If you are ever in a situation where you're face-to-face with pure evil, and you're not both physically and ment

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