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Sony PlayStation DualShock 4 - Urban Camouflage Sony PlayStation DualShock 4 - Urban Camouflage

Sony's much-loved controller under goes a transformation for PlayStation 4 as the Dualshock 3 evolves into the Dualshock 4 Utilizing a similar design as the popular Wireless Controller for PlayStation 3(DUALSHOCK 3), DUALSHOCK 4 features new innovations to deliver better gaming experiences. DUALSHOCK 4 incorporates a new highly sensitive six-axis sensor, as well as a touch pad located on the front of the controller, which offers gamers completely new ways to play and interact with games. Official Sony Dualshock 4 Urban Camouflage Controller PS4 features a light bar on the top with three colour LEDs that illuminate in various colours. The light bar illuminates to match the colour of characters in a game to offer a simpler, friendlier way to identify players, even when playing side by side. The light bar also changes patterns during gameplay to provide useful information to gamers, such as when a character is critically low on health or has taken major damage. In addition, DUALSHOCK 4 will come with a built-in speaker and stereo headset jack, enabling PS4 users to enjoy high-fidelity sound effects of games from both the TV and also from the controller.  Combined with the Mono Headset that will be bundled with PS4, gamers will also be able to chat with friends playing online, while hearing sound effects from the controller in hand. While integrating ?SELECT? and ?START? buttons on DUALSHOCK 3 Wireless controller into a new ?OPTIONS button?, DUALSHOCK 4 is newly equipped with a ?SHARE button? to further enhance PS4?s social capabilities.    The ?SHARE button? allows gamers to easily broadcast their gameplay in real-time to friends through internet streaming services such as Ustream. Users can also share their triumphs and accomplishments by uploading video gameplay to Facebook with the ?SHARE button?. Unlike streaming content via PC, users no longer h

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Sony DualShock 4 Wireless Gamepad - White, White Sony DualShock 4 Wireless Gamepad - White, White

Sony DualShock 4 Wireless Gamepad - White, White -

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Sony Dualshock 3 Rumble Pad - Black Sony Dualshock 3 Rumble Pad - Black

Sony Dualshock 3 Rumble Pad - Black -

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Createspace Katie Morris - A Beginners Guide to Using PlayStation 4 (PS4): The Unofficial Guide to Using PlayStation 4 Createspace Katie Morris - A Beginners Guide to Using PlayStation 4 (PS4): The Unofficial Guide to Using PlayStation 4

Congratulations on your purchase of what Sony Computer Entertainment touts as "the world's most powerful gaming console," the PlayStation 4! In its first year alone, the PlayStation 4 has already sold nearly 15 million units internationally and has been heralded by critics and consumers alike for its powerful hardware and new features. In 2014 it won gaming mega-website IGN's People's Choice Award for best console (in competition with the xBox One and Wii U). Accordingly, the PlayStation 4 dominated gaming console sales throughout 2014, making it one of the best and fastest-selling gaming consoles ever designed. In addition to its beefier hardware, Sony has added a variety of new and innovative features, including the Dualshock 4 controller, the PlayStation Camera, and the PlayStation Move controller. Additionally, with the new system, players can connect their smart phones, tablets, PS Vita or PS TV to act as "second screen" interfaces to interact with your PS4. The new PlayStation 4 user interface will be familiar to those already used to the PlayStation 3 interface, but the look and feel of the PS4 has been enhanced with dynamic menus that can be changed based on user preferences. Third party apps, such as Netflix and Hulu, can now be displayed directly on the main screen for faster access. Additionally, the system now can be controlled using voice commands from a microphone headset or from the built-in microphone on the PlayStation Camera. With the release of the PlayStation 4, Sony has begun to emphasize "social gaming," which goes far beyond mere multi-player gaming with the ability to share directly to social media sites like YouTube and Facebook with just a click of a button. Ever wanted to share a video of yourself beating that final boss with your Facebook friends? With the PS 4, this is now possible with just a couple of button presses using the new "Share" button on the Dualshock 4 controller. In addition to faster and easier access to internet services

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